A New, Safe and Environmentally Friendly Way to Heat Your Water and Your Home

How would you like to have your source of heat located outside? Your home wouldn’t have a furnace sitting in the basement and you wouldn’t take a chance on smoke filling up the house after you just did your fall cleaning. These are wood burning boilers sold by Nature’s Comfort, a company presently located in Shipshewana, Indiana. The company has been in the business since 2006 and sells affordable solar water heaters, pellet stoves, outdoor wood boilers and outdoor coal boilers in a vast array of colors.

Today, there’s a need to find environmentally friendly choices of heating homes and water. Many people just think of having a new, name brand furnace installed when the old furnace breaks down. Other homeowners choose to think “out of the box” and find out what other types of heating systems are being manufactured today. Log on to http://www.naturescomfortllc.org where you can obtain information on the wood boilers and how they work. These are systems that can weigh over 2,000 pounds and can be placed as far as 500 feet away from your home. Think how much safer your family will be when you no longer have an oil, gas, kerosene or propane heater sitting in the basement.


One of first products Nature’s Comfort started out with was the NCB-250 outdoor wood boiler that’s 300,000 BTUs and heats an area up to 6,000 square feet. The cost for this wood boiler is a very affordable $6,980. Considering that this wood boiler also heats the water used for showers, bathing, and washing clothes in the home, it cuts down on utility usage. It uses the renewable energy of wood which lowers your family’s own carbon footprint. When you log on to the Nature’s Comfort website, you can view the videos of how to operate the wood boilers and compare the size to the lady standing in front of one of them.

The wood boilers come in a wide array of colors. While evergreen and charcoal are the standard colors, other colors such as crimson, blue, high gloss black, tan, brown, red, green, evergreen, bright white, Hartford green, burgundy, gallery blue, copper and others are available at an extra cost of $100. Financing is available for homeowners with rates as low as 4.99% and up to 11.99%, along with a faster financing program that has a 0% option. With cold weather closing in, now is the time to order your wood or coal boiler from Nature’s Comfort and have it set up away from your home before the snow flies.

Remember that you’ll also be able to heat the water in your home. Insulated piping will run under the ground and connect inside the home to heat it. Call the company today to learn all about ordering, warranties, installation and the size wood or coal boiler you’ll need dependent on the size of your home. Those interested in becoming dealers can also click the “contact us” link asking for more information.


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